Watercolor tree practice


I have a tough time painting foliage in watercolor. I never quite know how to deal with a bush or tree branch in my paintings of buildings and I completely steer clear of doing landscapes. The wet-on-wet technique is foreign to me so I decided that I need to work on it. I checked out a book from the library on trees and did a couple quick paintings today.

This first tree was boring and flat, so I added some India ink. It helped a bit- makes it more illustrator-ly, but it’s a look I like.

My son got hold of the bottle and unscrewed it just before I snatched it away! Fortunately it wasn’t a HUGE mess, but we did get a nice couple splotches on both the paintings. Meh, they weren’t masterpieces anyway and I kind of like it.

This second was more of an exercise for wet-on-wet. Still lacking depth, but I like using oranges.

Practice makes perfect! Eventually.

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