A Tale of Two Toilets

Pen & Ink, Sketches

In less than 2 weeks, we are moving. I’m very excited. The new house will be so many more square feet than our current house. The yard will be larger and the weather will be WARM (ok, super hot) in the summer, like it’s supposed to be. But more importantly, most importantly, there will be two toilets in the new house! Some would prefer two bathrooms, which the new house will have. But let me be clear: all we really need is two toilets. The extra shower and sink are just added bonuses.

I took a break in packing (you can see that I hardly filled up one box before taking a break) to paint this picture whilst the F’r slept. For the record I’m not being inappropriate. I call him the F’r because his name starts with F, not because he is disagreeable. He’s an angel. Except when he’s being a little F’r. See the difference?

Image (65)

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