I’m a dirty hippy.


I don’t remember exactly what the catalyst was for my most recent kick on all-natural beauty products, but it has culminated in me not washing my hair for 2 weeks. Well, I’m washing my hair, just not with shampoo from the store. Still, I admit, it’s as dirty hippy as I’ve ever been. And I’ve had two home births.

There’s this gal out there on the interwebs who has a blog where she shares a sketch of whatever stuff she’s bought that day. She’s making some sort of statement about consumerism…yadda, yadda, yadda. Being the hippy that I am, I kinda like it. So, I copied her today and drew my day’s purchases from Mountain Rose Herbs, some of which are going to aid in my no ‘poo challenge. Here is that sketch:Image (11)

I also plan to make some lotion with the cocoa and mango butters and the beeswax. Also deodorant. I’ve been making my own deodorant for at least 3 years. My pits smell like oranges all the time. Jealous?

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