Park day

Pen & Ink, Sketches, Urban Sketches, Watercolor

Last weekend we needed to go grocery shopping, so naturally, we started out at the park. My baby slept while I drew and painted this tree. Some old lady came by with her 1 and a half year old charge to oogle at the baby. Then the 1 and half year old hit my baby in the face with a sandy hand… “No, no, child! You can’t talk to the baby if you hit!” She then allowed the kid to come back by (all the while, INTERRUPTING my brief moment of silent sustained drawing, SSD) so that the girl could whack my baby several more times*. She also had a dog tied to a tree that barked and snarled at all canine passersby. The dog got similar smiling, soft-toned scoldings. “No, no, Freckles! You silly animal, that dog is twice your size!”

Image (15)

*My baby was not harmed in the making of this drawing. If he had been in real danger I would surely have stopped drawing and laid a smack down on the old lady.

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