Sketching Drinky

Pen & Ink, Watercolor

Remember my Weekly Drawing Night Out? Me neither. I’m too hooked on being lazy to leave the house in the evening. So, instead, I have been keeping a sketchbook and I add to it as the inspiration strikes me. It turns out drawing beer is fun.

These are all 21st Amendment beers, which is really an art cheat. The cans are covered with someone else’s art work, so really all I’m doing here is drawing a can and copying someone else. In my defense, these are all pretty high alcohol drinks, so my creativity was impaired.

Image (41)

Image (37)
Also Yum.

Image (34)
Saison is super gross.

Image (36)
Back in Black is my favorite. Lagunitas is also great. After both of these beers, it’s amazing these look like beers at all.

Image (35)
But, truthfully, my first attempt at the Back in Black was not so successful.


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