Sketchbook Skool #2

Gouache, Pen & Ink, Sketches, Watercolor

The second class was taught by Koosje Koene. She’s fantastic. I want us to be friends. 🙂

We did self portraits in different styles- using a mirror, photos, or memory. Portraits are hard, but practice makes better.

Image (31)
The top sketch was from the mirror, in Prismacolor pencils. Man, I look pissed! The bottom, as the description says, was ink and bamboo pen. Also, looking pissed.

Image (55)
These are to be very quick sketches not lifting the pen from the page. These are so freakin’ fun to do! I could do a gazillion a day. Maybe if I did, I could actually get a likeness. But who cares?

Image (54)
This one actually, unfortunately, does look somewhat like me. I was really tired that morning…

Image (51)
Here’s me from a photo in the 80’s. My hair was RAD!

Image (53)
One from my imagination. This was really hard. I don’t actually look like Scully. I guess we are similarly pale.

Image (52)
Another quick one.

Image (32)
Yipes. The color got away from me here. And I think seams should generally be kept out of the eyeball. Also, this was from the mirror. So, there.


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