Sketchbook Skool #3

Pen & Ink, Watercolor

This lesson was taught by Brenda Swenson. She’s a wonderful watercolorist and a well-known teacher. She does workshops to Italy!! I want to go to there. Her lesson included continual line drawings. Do not lift your pen! Watch the subject and draw what you see.

Image (50)
So, my first go round, I learned that paying attention is quite necessary here.

Image (48)
Next try was a bit better.

Image (49)
I was getting bored with tea things, and then I remembered how happy it makes me to draw tools. They’re out of sight, being in the garage. I forget about them…

Image (47)
If you are ever at a loss for something interesting to draw, go sit on the floor of your garage. If there is space for your butt, you will find something draw-worthy. If not, I bet that big ass mess would be more fun to draw than pick up.

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