Sketchbook Skool #5

Pen & Ink

Class #5 is taught by Andrea Joseph. Her work is truly amazing. She uses cheap-as-practically-free ballpoint pens to do everything! Well, not everything, she says, but many of her really fantastic pieces are 100% ballpoint. This seemed impressive when I was just looking at her artwork, but after attempting it myself, I have an even stronger appreciation. Ballpoints smudge, skip and blob. They’re a dang mess. But, they do build up so nicely from very very light to very dark, allowing for a great range in value which can, in the right hands (Andrea’s) look realistic at times and like illustrative gold at others.

Image (61)
First, I gave this a go with a pen my hubs stole from work. We have here an assortment of blue things I sloshed out of my un-drained bathtub. I was skeptical that a ball point could work, but after hours and hours and hours, this is the result.

Image (62)Image (64)
Next, we practiced writing. Not my strong suit, as I usually blast through any text with one of my three distinct and equally unattractive natural handwritings. It’s usually a block text attributable to my college architecture classes. This takes far longer than my usual writing, but I’ll admit, it’s fun. I almost did a quote from Snoop Doggy Dogg, but I wasn’t sure how to spell out D-O-G-G.

Finally, I did a collection drawing. As I love drawing tools, and happen to have quite a collection (despite my being a renter and not having actually done any woodwork for quite some time), I chose some hand carving tools. I decided on adding watercolor here, because I like color and didn’t want to try to copy Andrea’s style too much (I use her first name like we’re best-ies). I think this may have been more to my liking in all pen, but who knows?

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