Sketchbook Skool #6

Urban Sketches, Watercolor

I don’t want to play favorites, or anything, but it can’t be helped. Architectural drawings and block lettering hold a special place in my heart. The final class in Sketchbook Skool was taught by Liz Steel. Her lesson had me so jazzed about drawing, it had me laying awake in bed thinking about driving to a place that would a) have interesting buildings to sketch and b) be far enough away that both my kids would fall asleep on the way. It was the weekend, so naturally, I ditched the family and sketched in nearby Martinez.Image (74)

In addition to drawing buildings, Liz loves to sketch her teacups. Her blog has a hundred beautiful examples. I searched high and low for a teacup to test out her technique, even seriously considered spending $30 in an antique store for a suitable example (which I would probably then never use for tea). Finally, I went to my mom’s, thinking, surely she’ll have one or two. In fact, she had about 15 perfect drawing subjects, which I will now periodically ‘check out’ of the tea cup library that is her hutch. Here is the first:Image (72)


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