Drawing with Sktchy

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My art time happens once the kids are in bed. Sometimes I don’t have a particular project in mind or I’m beat from 100 15-minute arguments about, for example, why a white spoon is an unacceptable alternative to an orange spoon. When all I want is to clear my mind and make my pen or brush move around, it’s nice to have something to draw that doesn’t require a lot of thinking.

For this, Sktchy is perfect. People sure do love posting photos of themselves on the internet and they put an astounding amount of effort into making themselves look good. Most aren’t professional photos, but the composition and lighting can be remarkably interesting and the images are almost always high enough quality for detailed drawings.

Not that you can’t put a lot of thought into art made from these photos. Many artists using Sktchy are making some really creative and unique work. I just seem to lean on it for my lazier days and let the photographer make the tough decisions for me. And I appreciate it.


P.S. Did I get anywhere with my goals this week? No. The worst. Mid-funk. And shrug.


+Please feel free, feel requested, to use the comments section below if you have any advice or suggestions. Any advice is accepted. All suggestions will be considered.+

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3 thoughts on “Drawing with Sktchy

  1. Don’t stop, you have quite the start and can’t waste it now. Keep setting realistic goals and work toward them. How about a series on PDX Craziness for your cafe or coffee shop showing?

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