Art, Pencil


You know what takes longer than a half dozen detailed graphite leaves? Hundreds of roof tiles. Maybe by next Friday I’ll have this completed.

This is a house in the Eastmoreland neighborhood of Portland. Eastmoreland is fancy and close by so I often walk my dog around it. Something about this particular house always grabs my attention. It’s a different style than most in the neighborhood and the blue shutters and red door always stand out against the white stucco and silver roof, even on the grayest days. I initially planned to color just the shutters, but I’m leaning towards coloring just the front door now.

I love the look of graphite, but you can’t erase your guidelines when your final lines are also in pencil. I’m learning this is problematic for geometric/architectural subjects as opposed to organic subjects which can be believably drawn inaccurately. I’m not yet convinced that this is a good medium for buildings, but I think it’ll look killer… if I don’t totally wreck it.

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