Sketchbook Skool #3

Pen & Ink, Watercolor

This lesson was taught by Brenda Swenson. She’s a wonderful watercolorist and a well-known teacher. She does workshops to Italy!! I want to go to there. Her lesson included continual line drawings. Do not lift your pen! Watch the subject and draw what you see.

Image (50)
So, my first go round, I learned that paying attention is quite necessary here.

Image (48)
Next try was a bit better.

Image (49)
I was getting bored with tea things, and then I remembered how happy it makes me to draw tools. They’re out of sight, being in the garage. I forget about them…

Image (47)
If you are ever at a loss for something interesting to draw, go sit on the floor of your garage. If there is space for your butt, you will find something draw-worthy. If not, I bet that big ass mess would be more fun to draw than pick up.

Sketchbook Skool #2

Gouache, Pen & Ink, Sketches, Watercolor

The second class was taught by Koosje Koene. She’s fantastic. I want us to be friends. 🙂

We did self portraits in different styles- using a mirror, photos, or memory. Portraits are hard, but practice makes better.

Image (31)
The top sketch was from the mirror, in Prismacolor pencils. Man, I look pissed! The bottom, as the description says, was ink and bamboo pen. Also, looking pissed.

Image (55)
These are to be very quick sketches not lifting the pen from the page. These are so freakin’ fun to do! I could do a gazillion a day. Maybe if I did, I could actually get a likeness. But who cares?

Image (54)
This one actually, unfortunately, does look somewhat like me. I was really tired that morning…

Image (51)
Here’s me from a photo in the 80’s. My hair was RAD!

Image (53)
One from my imagination. This was really hard. I don’t actually look like Scully. I guess we are similarly pale.

Image (52)
Another quick one.

Image (32)
Yipes. The color got away from me here. And I think seams should generally be kept out of the eyeball. Also, this was from the mirror. So, there.


Sketchbook Skool #1.1

Pen & Ink, Watercolor

Let me just get this out of the way right off the bat. I typically steer clear of any kind of product, service, or business that uses, in it’s name or advertisements, incorrect spelling or poor grammar for cuteness or alliteration.

Klassy Kuts. Gr8 Deals! Eating good in the neighborhood. I hate this.

But if the extra ‘k’ in ‘Sketchbook Skool,’ is putting you off, get over it. Because Sketchbook Skool is Gr8. Really. Go check it out. Watch the video for the whole explanation, but basically, you get several lessons from several artists over 6 weeks. You get to share and be shared with. You work to develop a habit for drawing in a sketchbook. (I’ve been meaning to do this for 10 years.) Best of all, participate at your own convenience! I can’t really go to in-person art classes right now. Kids have to go to bed at 7 pm, you know. But I can tune them out to watch a 12 minute video while they play in the dog’s water bowl!

First lesson here: (by Danny Gregory)

bread (3)Image (43)

rubber bands


Pink Mercedes across the Street

Pen & Ink, Sketches, Watercolor

This Mercedes is actually white, but that is boring to paint. Also, yes, I drew this months ago, but I hate my scanner.

I spend a fair amount of time sitting in my car in my driveway while the kids sleep in their car seats. This is prime sketching time. Although, the subject matter consists of pretty much this car and my garage door. Which is all as well, since I forget my sketchbook 90% of the time they both are asleep at the same time, which is approximately 0.5% of the time that anyone falls asleep at all. Sigh.

Image (46)

Sketching Drinky

Pen & Ink, Watercolor

Remember my Weekly Drawing Night Out? Me neither. I’m too hooked on being lazy to leave the house in the evening. So, instead, I have been keeping a sketchbook and I add to it as the inspiration strikes me. It turns out drawing beer is fun.

These are all 21st Amendment beers, which is really an art cheat. The cans are covered with someone else’s art work, so really all I’m doing here is drawing a can and copying someone else. In my defense, these are all pretty high alcohol drinks, so my creativity was impaired.

Image (41)

Image (37)
Also Yum.

Image (34)
Saison is super gross.

Image (36)
Back in Black is my favorite. Lagunitas is also great. After both of these beers, it’s amazing these look like beers at all.

Image (35)
But, truthfully, my first attempt at the Back in Black was not so successful.


Hello, I’m Antisocial.

Pen & Ink, Urban Sketches, Watercolor

Here’s the latest from my “Weekly” Drawing Night Out project. This time I went to the nearby Peet’s Coffee because it is 5-7 minutes closer to my house than the library and we’re counting minutes, man.

Compared with the library as a drawing location, I will say that despite being closer, it is slightly less desirable due to the sociable atmosphere of most coffee shops. Everybody knows that if you go to the library, you want to be left alone. If someone shush-es you there, you would quickly shut your yap and be apologetic. At the coffee shop, however, folks get all chatty. What’s the nice way to tell a stranger, who’s just being nice, to get lost?

Image (19)