New Sketchbook

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Last weekend I made a trip to Blick to get one specific item. It was not paper. I have SO much paper. On the way to that item’s section I passed the paper and sketchbook aisle…

I will say that I made it out of there for under $15, so it wasn’t so bad.

I bought a Canson 6″ x 6″ spiral bound book and a Bee Paper 5.5″ x 8.5″ Pen Sketcher’s book. I like to have these little inexpensive sketchbooks because they don’t intimidate me. If I fill them with ugly doodles, no big deal. This freedom does tend to lead me to make drawings I end up really liking, which makes me wish I had put them on nicer, frame-able paper. Ah, well. I hate that I have piles of very lovely, thick, archival paper laying around completely neglected. Fear of failure, people. There’s also something about the potential of a blank piece of paper that I don’t want to mess with. What nonsense.

I’ve filled a couple pages of the 6″ x 6″ and here they are:

ImageI admit, I have a bit of a problem starting a blank notebook, even a cheap one, for fear that the first page will not inspire the looker to continue looking. (I know, I know.) So, I just accepted the first page-ness of this first page.

ImageThis here is a sketch from a very old and not too crisp photo of my great grandmother, Cora. 

ImageThis style sketch is easy and quick.

ImageI wanted to try a pen portrait with my smallest pen- a 005 Micron.

Last portrait drawing class

Pen & Ink, Sketches

My 5 week portrait class finished up last night. For the final meeting, our teacher had a model sit for us for the majority of the class. I decided to try a new technique and after nearly chucking it at the beginning, I kept at it and ultimately, kind of liked the result. I admit, I went a little nuts with the cheekbones, but that girl had some serious bone structure!

Here are a few quicker sketches from earlier in the class. I loved doing drawings from celebrity photos. The non-celebrity sketches are other folks from the class. 

Sketches of Germany

Pen & Ink

I have been to Germany but that was long before I started sketching on location. This drawing is done from a photo in a book. I have several books about Germany that were gifts from visiting Germans and they contain some excellent drawing inspirations. Here is the first one I’ve done of a car crossing the river Elbe. I’d like to do a series of pen and cross-hatch drawings from these books.