Ok. I’m finished.


I think I’m done with this portrait. This is my baby boy, almost 11 months old.

He’s just a cuddly little honey bunny.

This is what I’ve learned for next time:

Take a picture of the portrait every 30 minutes.
Make the eyes of a child 5% bigger than reality. (5% is the number! I’ve given this careful consideration.)



I am not giving up. Now the drawing is sitting on my mantle so I can obsess over it from a distance every time I walk past. I am adding and subtracting as I check on it every few minutes. Here we are now:


It’s looking better. I’ve shaved quite a bit off the chin/cheek as well as the hair around back. I pulled in the jawline, darkened the hairline in order to define it, and enlarged the eyes slightly. Rather than resize the eyes altogether, I will resize everything- just a bit.

Now for the 8b pencil.

He’s really much cuter than this.


Here I have a portrait of my baby in progress. It’s funny how you get working on something for hours and put the blinders on about how the overall proportions are. Even when I step back, I see it’s fine. I check the angles and distances against the photo reference, and it all checks out. Though I have this feeling I’m not capturing the necessary level of cuteness.

Then, I take a photo. Ahhhhhh. I see the problem. Damn.

photo (1)Either the eyes are too small or everything else is too big. He looks like Jay Leno. Well, I may just scrap it altogether now.

Maybe it can be fixed. The question is, is it better to fix the eyes, which are the real problem? Or the rest, which is not in quite as dark yet? Hmmm. I really liked that ear.

Note to self: Take a photo after the rough sketch next time!