Limes on a branch

Art, Pencil, Watercolor

Lime Branch, watercolor, graphite and colored pencil on bristol, 14 in. x 11 in. 

There was no Watercolor Wednesday this week because of [excuses]. I did, however, finish the second of three citrus branch paintings. I’ve been making these while watching episodes of Justified, so looking at them makes me talk in a Kentucky accent.



It’s beauts! :)

Pencil, Sketches, Urban Sketches

I decided to pick up Randy from work last Friday in San Francisco so that we could all enjoy a lovely afternoon in the City together. Then I realized as I crossed the beautiful brand new Bay Bridge that it is Friday and we will have to leave in 30 minutes if we want to avoid the hellscape that is Friday afternoon traffic heading out of San Francisco.

So, we hung out at Chrissy Field for five minutes then loaded everybody back into the van to at least cross the Golden Gate before it got real bad. We got out again at Fort Baker and delighted at the views of the bridge, the bay and the city. I drew this picture of what you see if you turn your back on all those iconic subjects and face North. Then a pack of some 20 something girls parked their car in front of me and, while commenting how “beauts” the day/scenery was, went for a nice walk down by the marina. “Whatevs,” I said. “I was almost done anyway.”

Image (13)

Take two.


Today I revisited a drawing of my little boy that I finished for the first time at some point in 2012. I’ve always liked the proportions and detail of this drawing, but the value was off. It looked good close up, but as you got a couple feet away, it was hard to see details because there just wasn’t enough contrast. I started today by darkening the values of the shirt and background and adding crisper, darker lines around the face and in the hair. My son has VERY light yellow hair, so I’ve struggled to represent it well in pencil portraits. How do you draw white?? In any case,  I love that I can come back to pencil drawings a year later to improve on them.