New Sketchbook

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Last weekend I made a trip to Blick to get one specific item. It was not paper. I have SO much paper. On the way to that item’s section I passed the paper and sketchbook aisle…

I will say that I made it out of there for under $15, so it wasn’t so bad.

I bought a Canson 6″ x 6″ spiral bound book and a Bee Paper 5.5″ x 8.5″ Pen Sketcher’s book. I like to have these little inexpensive sketchbooks because they don’t intimidate me. If I fill them with ugly doodles, no big deal. This freedom does tend to lead me to make drawings I end up really liking, which makes me wish I had put them on nicer, frame-able paper. Ah, well. I hate that I have piles of very lovely, thick, archival paper laying around completely neglected. Fear of failure, people. There’s also something about the potential of a blank piece of paper that I don’t want to mess with. What nonsense.

I’ve filled a couple pages of the 6″ x 6″ and here they are:

ImageI admit, I have a bit of a problem starting a blank notebook, even a cheap one, for fear that the first page will not inspire the looker to continue looking. (I know, I know.) So, I just accepted the first page-ness of this first page.

ImageThis here is a sketch from a very old and not too crisp photo of my great grandmother, Cora. 

ImageThis style sketch is easy and quick.

ImageI wanted to try a pen portrait with my smallest pen- a 005 Micron.

Oodles of Doodles

Pen & Ink, Sketches

Been doodlin’ lately.

Here’s a self-portrait that doesn’t look much like me. But in my defense, I was drawing it from my reflection in the laptop screen while I watched the Daily Show. Image (69)

This is a made up person who has an awesome pair of glasses.Image (67)

This here is a drawing for my Father in Law’s co-worker, who just needs a sign to point to. Don’t we all? What would yours say? I’m going to think on it and make one for myself. For some real raunchy ideas and excellent execution, see FingerPricks’ blog. I stumbled on it a while ago and am delightedly disgusted by it every time I look. She’s a beautiful stitchress.

Image (66)

Oh my Gouache

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My husband gave me a set of Reeves gouache paints for Christmas and I finally broke ’em out yesterday. I’ve never used gouache before except to add white on top of watercolor paintings (which I had trouble making look decent… not my fav. technique for w.c.) so I thought I’d just goof around and do some sketchy stuff instead of blast right in to a painting I’d want to look nice.

Gouache is super RAD. I need to learn all about it. The colors are so bright and thick it almost looks like pastel.  I like the flat finish of gouache compared with the plastic-y shine of acrylics. 

You can see that the colors are so much more brilliant than watercolor. It lends itself very well to an illustrator-ly style but a quick internet search of gouache images shows that it’s capable of so much more! I’m excited.

Image (70)

A Tale of Two Toilets

Pen & Ink, Sketches

In less than 2 weeks, we are moving. I’m very excited. The new house will be so many more square feet than our current house. The yard will be larger and the weather will be WARM (ok, super hot) in the summer, like it’s supposed to be. But more importantly, most importantly, there will be two toilets in the new house! Some would prefer two bathrooms, which the new house will have. But let me be clear: all we really need is two toilets. The extra shower and sink are just added bonuses.

I took a break in packing (you can see that I hardly filled up one box before taking a break) to paint this picture whilst the F’r slept. For the record I’m not being inappropriate. I call him the F’r because his name starts with F, not because he is disagreeable. He’s an angel. Except when he’s being a little F’r. See the difference?

Image (65)


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I decided to get some inspiration from one of my many art books the other day and came across an assignment that was pretty easy: copy a sketch from a master in order to practice their sketching style. I chose a Degas sketch from the book because I happened to be holding the right tool for the job at the time.

Here’s my sketch on toned paper:

Image (60)

Here’s the sketch from the book:

Edgar Degas, La Chanson du Chien
Edgar Degas, La Chanson du Chien

No Mojo.

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I didn’t lose interest in art. I swear. I just lost my motivation during a brief two-month period of feeling the morning sickness misérables. I’m not saying my motivation is back. But it WILL be. I’m thinking about arting. And that’s a start. But you know how they say that it takes a month of doing something regularly before it becomes habit? I need to commit.

Here’s the first drawing I did for several weeks. I spent a couple hours one very nice day in January and sat up at the Tilden Park Botanical Garden and sketched some pretty bleak looking winter foliage. Then didn’t sketch again for some time.

Image (59)